About us

THEMA TRANS was created in January 1997 by Thesa SEGATTI who was joined in 2003 by Christian WEBER.

These two leaders of international transport companies were able to observe 2 crucial points

  • Despite the multi-modality of large groups, they couldn’t offer transport solutions adjusted to their customer needs. In the same time, the sector was experiencing a growing need for expertise, savings and flexibility.
  • The vast majority of companies, whatever their size, lack the time and people to deal with time-consuming and heavy topics related to the optimization and improvement of their Supply Chain.

One thing was clear: experts were needed to advise clients on existing solutions and to support them continuously from the analysis up to the implementation of the solution to allow their logistics to grow and not to stagnate.

Thus was born THEMA TRANS, forerunner in this field of activity and always driven by the passion of the result.





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