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Need a practical and flexible solutions for your supply chain ?

Our transport and logistics consultants are there to assist you in all your optimization’s issues related to transport and logistics, customs advices and savings.


Incoterms define the responsibilities between the buyer and the seller in terms of transportation and insurance of the goods during a transaction. They are regularly updated and have contractual value. The last major update of the Incoterms took place in 2020.
Using the wrong Incoterm can create confusion and delivery delays, so it is very important to keep them regularly updated and, above all, choose the right Incoterm based on your destination.

This topic is very important and can be a differentiation asset in your supply chain. More and more solutions are emerging to address this issue, and we work with specialized partners to support you in decarbonizing your transportation throughout your chain.

Packaging certainly has commercial value for your business, but do you know that for us, it holds significant environmental and economic value? Indeed, good packaging should be made of environmentally-friendly materials and, most importantly, be suitable for the product being transported in terms of shock resistance and dimensions to promote efficiency and savings.

Customs is not a unique and linear process. Depending on the type of parts you wish to import or export and the type of operations you carry out (temporary export, traveling exhibition in multiple countries, import of spare parts for assembly in France, etc.), special regimes or specific processes can be implemented to allow you to pay fewer customs duties.

Transportation and logistics are often the second largest expenses for a company, right after salaries, and can quickly become out of control due to the various additional costs in the industry. It is recommended to conduct bidding processes every 3 years to challenge your service providers and to compare them to the market. However, analyzing your current situation and conducting regular billing checks are equally important, if not more so.

Import/export should not be a barrier to your development. If others can do it, you can too, and our teams can assist you in taking the project from its inception to its implementation.

Turn to ThemaTrans! Our team of experts is here to support you and help you make progress.

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