Update on the new season 2022

A tumultuous new season is starting in the world of transportation!!!

The new season is already well underway, bringing with it a host of announcements for the coming months. Below you will find some news about the world of transportation.

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar may disrupt global air traffic.
  • When: From mid-October 2022 to mid-January 2023
  • Impact: Capacity restrictions and price increases
  • Context: EMIRATE and QATAR are two prominent airlines in the current global flow of goods, each with their respective hubs. For the World Cup, they have decided to change their fleet to prioritize passenger flights (with less cargo capacity), which will limit the cargo capacity on aircraft. Given their global importance, these decisions will not only impact a few destinations but the entire traffic, as these giants handle significant cargo volumes.
Suisse Air downsizes its fleet
  • When: Imminent
  • Impact: Capacity restrictions and price increases
  • Context: Suisse Air has decided to replace its fleet with smaller aircraft. This will impact the capacity of the air market, especially in Europe, for freight transportation.
  • China: Strong disruptions due to successive waves of COVID and typhoons.
  • Singapore: The city-state is gaining increasing importance, and some anticipate that it will soon take over as the central hub of Asia from China.
Good news! Prices are decreasing! So everything is being organized to avoid a significant drop…
  • When: In the coming months
  • Impact: Decrease followed by stabilization of maritime rates.
  • Context: Different alliances are already planning maintenance for their vessels and scheduling blank sailings. The 2M alliance will remove 10% of its capacity until the golden week, and The Alliance will remove 18%. A general decrease of 9% in the global fleet is estimated. This is intended to contain the decline in rates, which will stabilize in the coming months.
Annual increases are coming, and they will be “substantial” this year.
  • When: Before February 2023
  • Impact: Increase in freight and fuel costs – average increase observed between 4% and 6% for freight only (negotiable, of course!).
  • Context: As a result of various ongoing crises (driver shortages in Europe, fuel price increases, war in Ukraine, etc.), European road transport is significantly affected. Some of you have already received increases in April, but it will be difficult to avoid them.
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