February 1, 2022: Changes in European Law Impacting Transportation

The EU adopts a reform with a significant impact on the road transport sector.

As you may be aware, starting from February 1, 2022, the “Mobility Package” comes into effect in Europe.

This package defines a set of rules and directives related to road transport, with the main issues being:
  • Truck return to home base : Trucks engaged in international transport must return to the country where the carrier is established. Driving time and rest periods (EU Regulation 2020/1054).
  • Cabotage : Companies not established in France can, after an international journey to France, perform a maximum of three cabotage operations within a maximum period of seven days. (EU Regulation 2020/1055).
  • Wages : According to the European directive on posting of workers, drivers engaged in international and cabotage operations must receive the minimum wage in the country of loading and unloading. Regarding transit, the minimum wage of the driver’s country of employment applies. Posting (EU Directive 2020/1057).
These reforms aim, among other things, to :
  • Ensure better working and rest conditions for drivers.
  • Guarantee equal pay for European drivers.
  • Ensure fair competition and combat illegal practices.
In addition to these regulations, it should be noted that the cost of living, minimum wage, and certain ancillary costs have substantially increased in several European countries (e.g., Poland).
As a result, the following should be anticipated for the coming year:
  • Limited capacity : The pressure on supply will continue in 2022, leading to more difficulties in finding trucks and drivers for domestic and international flows.
  • Cost increases : An increase in costs is expected in road transport due to this capacity shortage, rising wages, and other implemented constraints.
These elements are only predictions, and we will keep you informed of any developments.
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